Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back to the Old Grind

Detail of the chandelier crystals

Years and years of paint buildup on the door. There were at least four different colors, the most hideous of which was this ugly green.

The view before and after of the door featuring the neighbor's house across the street. I stained the wood a Bombay Mahogany, which I LOVE. I also finally got around to adding to my chandalier the rest of crystal tiers that I won on EBAY two Christmas's ago. Somebody was breaking up a set of crystals and selling them in lots of twenty. I couldn't believe I ran across an exact match for mine. I bid an exorbitant amount (and found out that EBAY is like gambling for me, I have to stay away) and lost. I was really pumped up, with heart racing and sweating and hands shaking, and ticked off when I lost the bid. I thought about nothing else all week until the following week I saw the second lot for sale. I got pumped up again and was high as a kite on adrenalin when I outbid somebody and got them for a third of what I would have paid for the others. After that I decided to stay away from EBAY because it could be dangerous for my health.


After quite a long hiatus from any reno work I resumed working on the front door yesterday. It has been quite a long journey from start to finish, and I still have to apply just one more coat of stain to the frames around the window panes, but I am finally close to completion. Here are a few before/after photos to compare. True the door now makes the room appear darker but I wouldn't trade the results for anything. I wish I had better photos, but I am still relying on my camera phone for pics. *sigh*. In the process of reclaiming the original door I discovered that the hinges are made of copper. This was a happy coincidence for me, as I had already replaced all of the light switch plates and outlet covers with copper.

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