Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Mystery

Before I unpainted it with the missing piece still unknowingly out in the shed.

temporarily set in place to see what it would look like.

So we had a warm day last week and I spent it cleaning out the old shed in the back of the yard. After I finished cleaning and the shed was completely empty of junk, I looked in the back against the wall and there was a lone piece of iron about three feet tall. I immediately realized that it must go to the stairs, but where? I had never noticed any missing posts even though I spent quality time with that stair rail. It was rusty, as if it had been outside, but other than that I could find no defect, and as a bonus it was still black. I brought it in and immediately made the connection. It goes at the top of the stair, right up against the newel. The questions remain, however about why it was out there? Did they take it away so they could paint the newel and just decide it was too much trouble to put back? Were they so tired of painting (what I just unpainted) they just gave up before they got to the last one?
I doubt I will ever solve that mystery, but one thing's for sure. It definitely looks better with the mystery piece installed and I intend to put it back first chance I get.

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