Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I know this is a dark picture but if I turn the light on you can't see any of the wallpaper. I really love it. I just hope it stays this way. Normally I am not a big fan of wallpaper but the existing walls behind the paper are in terrible shape. I knew I would never get a good looking paint job out of it. Also I still have to put in crown moulding and trim. The bottom of the room will be covered in bead board. There will be a very small pedestal sink and a mirror below the light fixture.

Once upon a time all the wallpaper was completed in this bathroom. After the bathroom fiasco from (can it be a year already?) last Feb. I ripped everything out and replaced everything from the floor up, including tile, toilet and Sheetrock. By the time I got to the wallpaper I was really excited because it was really coming together. Besides I really loved this wallpaper. I had never hung wallpaper before but it looked easy. The bathroom is really small, only thirty sq. feet so, I figured, how hard could it be. The first tip off should have been the unlevel floor. And the fact that each Sheetrock piece had to be measured and cut individually because of the uneven height of the walls. So when I put up the first piece of paper I was confounded by fact that what should fit did not fit exactly. Nevertheless I persevered and managed to get the whole bathroom papered. I was really pleased that it worked out so well. The paper was lined up perfectly, all the triangles fit together in the pattern and you could barely distinguish where the seams were. Then I put it all up and happily went on vacation for two weeks. When I got back I took a peek in there and was horrified to find that the wall had moved while I was gone. The wallpaper which had been dry for a week before I left, and perfect, was now dragging down in one corner. There were bubbles all along the corner. It looked terrible. Then I stepped further into the bathroom and my heart just fell to the ground as I saw that not one, but THREE corners had moved while I was gone. Once again, a perfect project had gone awry. I was really mad at the house for a week or two. I took it personally. I was having to redo everything two and three times even when I DIDN'T make any mistakes. No wonder this reno is taking forever.
So I ripped down the corners and redid them. I'm sorry to say that I could not make the seams match as perfectly as before. I hate settling. (ha ha, that was a pun).
Today was a gorgeous day. I set up the wallpaper on my kitchen counter and set to work. It was all done in a couple of hours. Let's hope this time it lasts.
I had the same issue with the dishwasher "settling" the other day. I spent two hours trying to get it level with my counter, because it had never been installed properly (thanks Home Depot). They told me when I called to tell them I wanted it fixed right that it would cost me seventy five dollars to have them come out again. I declined to be ripped off a second time.
So it's been a problem. The legs don't hold it up anymore and the brackets that screw to the underside of the counter have bent with the weight of it. The doors wouldn't shut properly because it was unlevel and (something I can't fix) the inside racks are rusting to the point that the top tray has come apart and is always falling off when I load it. Did I mention that this dishwasher is only four years old?
So I spent quite a long time working on it, making it fit just right. When I was done it was perfect. I had made some shims to put under the legs, it was level, the door was shutting just right. I went to bed and when I woke up the next morning I saw that the dishwasher had kicked out again on the bottom, no longer resting on my perfectly made shims and the brackets were once again bending with the weight. Grrr...

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