Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dreaming Big

My fountain design for a future landscaping project

Somewhere along the road (if you hadn't figured it out by my lack of posting) I just burned out on the reno. I just got so tired of being behind the eight ball all the time, so to speak, on the maintenance. Instead of moving forward to new projects I'm losing my mind over sagging gutters (a new development) and some broken windows we have acquired, as well as some other things that have popped up (like the nail I just noticed sticking out on one of the stair treads.)
Anyway, now that I'm done whining, I have to say that I have begun to think about the future of this reno and I'm dreaming big. I have a long skinny galley kitchen (probably twenty feet long from end to end and only three feet wide) with a 12 x 10 deck right outside the kitchen windows projecting into the back yard. My dream is to extend the kitchen to the end of the deck. Where I stand at the sink to wash dishes now could be my island in the future! I have a large connecting dining room (probably 10 x 15) with three large windows overlooking a large side yard. I want turn the windows into a french doors and add the deck to the dining room in the side yard. Usually I am all for keeping the original integrity of an old house, but we have 41 other windows, so I don't think it would be a serious crying shame if we changed things around a little as long as we keep to the old world style. Instead of another deck in the back yard we could have a flag stone patio. As long as I'm dreaming we could take out all the huge rocky stones that make up the bumpy bumpy driveway and use pavers instead. There are so many uses for all that beautiful stone and it's just being wasted and ruined in the driveway and makes for a very uncomfortable bumpity end to every drive, not to mention it can be somewhat dangerous in the dark. A couple of weeks ago while walking out to the car with an armful of dessert for a church function I tripped and fell amidst a shower of fruit tarts. I wasn't hurt but I lost half the dessert in the driveway.
Let me just say that in addition to dreaming big I am praying big too. God knows how much I love this old house and He knows every picture I have in my mind of how I want things to be. The key word here is want. I WANT to make this house perfect in every way but acknowledge that in the scheme of things sometimes what I think is important is not high on the list for God.
So, that being said, I can still pray for the desire, funds, and ability to finish this reno, but content myself with knowing that if God has another plan it will be perfectly OK.

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