Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Such Is Life

Lesson for today: Never paint your deck in the winter. Wait until the weather is warmer and less unpredictable.
So, that being said. It was almost dark last night when I came in from my deck painting project. The wind was blowing slightly but the air was dry. I figured it would be probably a couple of hours before the deck was dry enough to walk on, at the most. Enter the dreaded winter fog. I walked outside about midnight, that's about seven hours after I quit for the night. The deck was shiny.  Too shiny. I reached down and swiped my finger through wet paint. It was as wet as the moment I laid it down. *sigh*. Will we ever have a project without drama?
This morning I woke up and the first thing I did was check out the deck. Still a little damp but the sun came out and pretty soon the whole thing was dry.  (Whew! wipes invisible sweat off brow. I did NOT want to repaint that whole thing!)
I spent the morning finishing the paint on the closet and bedroom doors in prep for the new doorknobs. At one point as I stood up to take a break the Mr. grabbed me in a twirl and spun me around the room. The BeeGees were singing their little hearts out as we twirled and spun and shuffled and stepped for about fifteen minutes, me in my raggedy old painting clothes, and he in his pj's, snuffling with bronchitis. (Such is life, after almost 19 yrs of marriage.) Then it was back to work.
I had taken the knob set off of my bedroom door and closet door. They are on the same wall and when the closet is shut and the bedroom door is open they fall next to each other. It was as I was looking at them both, the closet door completely assembled, and looking fine, I might add, and the bedroom door still waiting, that I had an idea. I would use the new backplate from Van Dykes Restoration that I had ordered but I would reuse the original glass knobs instead of the pretty chrome ones that came with the set. But would they fit? I quickly took off the knob I had just put on and tried the glass one on for size. It was beautiful. And a perfect fit.

I wish I had enough original glass knobs to go on all the doors, but unfortunately there was only one set. I figured the door with the full length beveled mirror should be the one to get the glass. I used the same backplates on all the rest with the silver chrome knobs. I think it looks wonderful. The BeeGees like it too.

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