Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Houston We Might Have a Problem...

Well...I waited and waited...worried and worried...worked myself into the ground trying to get this house in order for the insurance guy to come in and inspect everything (they said he was coming and had until Jan 11)...and then I got sick. For three whole weeks I stayed in bed and did nothing, worrying about the things I left undone. Finally I was able to get up and around again and decided to quit the worrying, after all, what will be, will be, right? So to make a long story short the guy never showed up, never called and the world didn't fall apart. I wasn't about to make the call myself, I did not want some guy nosing around my house so I was really relieved the morning of Jan 12. I did check to make sure I was still covered, though. I am. No worries.

So that being said and onto other things...We had snow and ice the week before last and I noticed that the gutters on one side of my house really took the brunt of the storm. There really weren't any icicles anywhere else on the house except this one place where I tried to "fix" the sagging gutter myself a couple of years ago. I made it much worse because I bent it. Now it leaks so much it has rotted the trim on the bathroom window below and is causing problems on the chimney down below where it runs off and it's prematurely wearing out my roof. It must be fixed and soon.

THIS happened from the icicles dripping down the roof and off the corner of the house.

Also I came out my back door and bumped my head on the awning a while ago. The weight of the snow tore it out of the wall and now it is sagging dangerously. We are having high winds today, making things worse.  Time to make a call and get that fixed before it hurts somebody.
uggh. I can't wait til spring.

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