Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Thursday, March 21, 2013


I am SO glad to be home, love waking up in my bedroom, getting the kids to school for the day and then fulfilling long thought out plans. Love love love it. 
However yesterday and today there have been a few...er...glitches in the joy fest. I don't know what to attribute it too, the weather? Hormones? 
Yesterday started out kind of great. I was going on a photography field trip with a friend. Had been looking forward to it for a long time, however we got a late start. I woke up clumsy, tripping over things, right out of the gate, dropping things, losing things, couldn't seem to get it all together. Because it took so long to get everything together we didn't have enough time for the field trip, which was in Dallas, before I would have had to come back home and pick up the kids. I was sad about it for about fifteen minutes, and then I got over it, we went somewhere else, and it ended up being a good day. 
But I still felt a little like I was outside my own skin for some reason.

Five thirty this morning. I woke up and jumped out of bed, and threw a bug that had been crawling on me off me. Not a good way to start a morning. And I was developing a migraine. So Excedrin at five thirty in the morning was how the day started. I lay awake thinking about a disturbing email I had received late last night, troubled by that and some other things. I prayed a little bit and then got the kids off to school. Ironically, although we have had trouble all week waking up and getting to school on time due to a relaxation of bedtime during Spring break, this morning there were no problems with the kids, it was me who seemed to be having the problem. 
I sat around in my pajamas all day, and then my hubby called. This is where things got crazy. And funny. I answered the phone and as I was talking I decided to grab the mail. He was in a chipper mood, and I was chipper too, for about one minute. Then I saw that one was a collection notice, from a place I definitely shouldn't have gotten a collection notice from. So he was still talking, and I was talking over him, and sputtering, and trying to tell him what I had received in the mail without stuttering. He was trying to get me to spit it out. I was just spitting mad. So he is talking to me, and I am reading, and stuttering, and sputtering, and trying to talk back, And then I saw the dog. The dog was eating a roll of toilet paper! 
My mouth fell open.  
So  despite the fact that hubby was talking to me, I quit listening, and started beating the dog's behind with the collection notice, noting that he had been apparently enjoying his snack for quite a while, judging by the amount of TP spread all over the carpet. Then the hubby said something, and I said something not repeatable, then I threw the phone. Dragged the dog outside and put him in the fence, then called the hubby back, he apologized, I apologized. But I still had to clean up all that TP. I didn't hurt the dog at all. I have never used a collection notice as a paddle before. He must have thought I was crazy, though. My hubby sure did. One second he is talking to me, and the next I'm yelling YOU BAD DOG in his ear. Heee heeee it IS kind of funny. What can you do but laugh? Things will be better tomorrow. Heck, they already are better, just writing this put a smile from ear to ear on my face. And the dog doesn't seem to be holding it against me.  :)

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