Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Monday, February 9, 2015

Been a While

                               Loving the color. I still have to paint the trim around the doors and windows.

So it's been quite a while since I have written anything about this old house, or This Old Wreck as the Mr. calls it. We have been in a holding pattern for a long, long time, and I have been unmotivated to write much at all.
Last I wrote, we had multiple leaks, all over the house, at the same time. We took care of all save one, and that was the mysterious leak from the bathtub. We are still puzzling over that one, but we think we have it narrowed down.
Recently I was gifted with a brand new dishwasher.  While the plumber guys were installing it, we got to talking about the very obvious hole in the kitchen ceiling, and I asked them if they could come back in the future and take a look. (This was when we were at our financial lowest, the Mr. had been without a job for almost a year, so everything had to wait.) They said SURE, but mentioned that it could be something as simple as a cracked shower head. A cracked shower head will leak every time he said. After he left I went up to look and BINGO we have a cracked shower head! I am getting a new showerhead TONIGHT! WOO HOO!

So anyway, going back to fall of 2013, everything was still fine, financially. The Mr. was still working in Spokane, and had been there for nine months. I decided it was time, after ten years of living here, to paint my room. First I thought I wanted it to be a pretty champagne color, then I thought maybe a pretty brown, and I actually painted a couple of sample spots on the wall. I lived with them for about a day before I decided I hated hated hated all the sophisticated colors I had chosen. What I really wanted was yellow. A pretty, delicate, lemon chiffon pie yellow. The only problem being the Mr. had told me I could paint it any color, but not yellow. I don't want to feel like I live in a circus he had said. Hmm. Well. I thought about it for a week or so. And then I painted it yellow. And from the first moment I opened my eyes the morning after I painted, I knew it was the right choice. I woke up happy. The room felt fresh. I began painting the crown moulding and the trim a bright glossy enamel white. Then I did something that made my friends question my decorating sanity, and I put up powder blue velvet curtains on the windows. And I loved it. I have always dreamed of having a yellow and blue room, since I was a little girl. I had always imagined it would be my sitting room, though, or my art room, never thought about making it my bedroom. It may not be every one's cup of tea, but hey, it makes me happy.
Anyway, I was full swing in the midst of painting trim. I had the ceiling registers off, and ready to paint. I had the glass globes off the ceiling fans for washing. I had taken down and thrown away the old nasty, dirty blinds, with the intention of going for new ones the following day And then the phone rang. It was the Mr. and he was on his way home. His job had come to an unexpected halt. Suddenly the trim didn't matter, nor did the blinds. I told myself it was just temporary, that I would pick up the room redo when he started work again, which would only be a week. Two at the most, Maybe a month. I never dreamed it would stretch into more than a year. In that year I didn't touch the room, it has just remained as it was. No registers on the ceiling vents, no globes on the ceiling fans, no more trim painting, and no blinds, either.
Finally, after more than a year, Thank the LORD the Mr. is working again, and I will be resuming where I left off. Oh and the Mr. doesn't hate the yellow, either. He actually likes it!

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