Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Angry House

WHYYYYYY Spongebob??? Whyyyyy???? 

Why is it, that when I finally get to the end of one long project, something else has to fall apart. I swear this house is angry with me. My son in law, who lives with me, told me that he didn't believe me the first time I told him that, but he is a believer now.
So I am finally coming to the end of the downstairs bathroom project. We have been working on it, in one form or another, since the first year we moved in. Eleven YEARS later, we have a brand new pedestal sink, that actually fits the size of the tiny room, a working toilet, walls that are covered with more than sheet rock. I mean bead board and paint! So exciting! Tomorrow I am going to buy the faucet for that beautiful tiny sink, and the matching towel rack and accessories. Woo HOO!
But. sigh. I also have to go buy a new screen door. Because, no sooner was the bathroom almost up and running, then something else went wrong. First I thought the house had shifted. The screen door became difficult to open. I got tired of jerking on it to get it shut, and so I removed a metal piece of the bottom of the door. This was fine...for about three weeks, and then all of a sudden the screen door went from difficult to open to impossible to open. I couldn't figure it out. It was that son in law who pinned down the problem. It wasn't that the house was shifting, (although that WAS a problem, because in addition to the screen door not closing, now the front door won't STAY shut, but swings back open when you close it, leaving the house wide open) the problem is that the screen door has simply fallen and it can't (or won't) get up. The hinges have telescoped into themselves, and they can't be fixed. The door is literally on the ground. And it's not just any ordinary screen door, either, it's a big heavy storm door, so for the past week we have been using the back door to come in and out. A real pain.
But. Things could be worse. Spring is here and the weather is warm, even if it has rained almost every day this week. Everybody is in a good mood. There is a wedding coming up in May, there are only ten weeks left 'til school is out and summer arrives. Things are moving forward. It's a good feeling.

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