Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


...It's the spice of a renovator's life, right?
Anyway I got some things marked off the long list I have. The plastic is up over the lovely flourescent hallway lights, I glued down some loose peel and stick tiles in the kitchen (again-previous owners), patched some of the places in the house that have been nicked and dinged with joint compound and then there was this:
When the company I hired to finish Kat's room the summer before this last one were almost finished, they glued this thin wood stuff to the outside of the bottom of the window. Over the year water has gotten in and loosened it and the top layer has begun to chip away. I needed to glue it back but had no clamps and no way to clamp it down if I did have clamps, so I improvised. Tomorrow I will paint it. It isn't great but for now it will do.  I called the contractor and he will be coming to fix the broken windows next week. Things are moving forward. It's been a good day.

light covers
patch small holes in wall
patch cracks in Kat's room
replace missing doorknobs on the closet
replace hardware on my bathroom vanity
toilets replaced
finish walls in downstairs bathroom
touch up paint everywhere
buy more fire alarms and batteries
buy two fire extinguishers
fix the window on Kat's car

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